Insurance of Your Cargo During Transport

Cargo Insurance


Team Cargo MD Ltd. offers to its clients besides the carriage of goods by land, air and water, and to conclude insurance Cargo for its shipment. The main objective of this Cargo insurance is to indemnify the owner of the goods / consignment for financial losses that may be incurred in the event that something happens to the load or be damaged during shipment.

We always strive to offer our customers optimal transport solutions with modern vehicles meeting your requirements. That is why you can choose from two types of Cargo Insurance – Insurance of goods during international transport and insurance of goods in transit inside the Republic of Bulgaria.

Specialized Cargo Insurance


Cargo insurance under Clause A 1.1.82

Covers all risks of loss or damage to insured cargo during transport except for the following: war, political unrest, strikes, riots, willful act or omission of the insured, bankruptcy, bankruptcy of the insured, exchange differences of the value of goods of Exchange, as well as damage caused by inadequate or inappropriate packaging or unsuitability of the vehicle. To the risks covered include fire, explosion, accident, natural disaster, theft, and this risk in Bulgaria is excluded in case of theft of the entire vehicle.

Специализирани сухопътни превози

Cargo insurance under Clause B 1.1.82

Covers fire, natural disasters, earthquakes, wetting the cargo entering the wet or river water in the hold or container, partial or complete loss of a package of goods.

Cargo insurance under Clause C 1.1.82

It specializes Cargo insurance only covers fire, explosion, accident and total loss. With Cargo insurance under Clause C 1.1.82 insure goods in bulk.

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TEAM CARGO MD ltd. has agents in every major port and industrial area of ​​the world, which allows us to respond most appropriately and flexibly to our customers’ requirements. High quality and efficiency in all modes of transport – road transport, sea transport, air transport, or combined transport, based on long-term contractual relationships with reliable carriers. Our service does not end with the arrival of the consignment at the port. On the contrary, we provide all additional services – from standard documents to marine insurance and delivery to the door. If your shipment needs road transport, you can trust the professionalism of our team and are confident in the success of your project!

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