Carriage by Air, Warehousing and Customs clearance

Air Transport


Team Cargo MD ltd. offers to its customers the transport of goods by air, transportation can be performed with containers of large or small cargo planes. Air transport of goods to and from anywhere in the world. From the loading bay of your suppliers or to the threshold of your customers – guaranteed delivery by air – without overloading directly, fast and safe!

Team Cargo MD ltd. offers global and effective solution for all needs related to air transport. Operating worldwide, our team of professionals offers a high quality service, providing reliable and secure supply. Our goal is to provide clients full satisfaction and clarity about the path of the consignment and its security during transport.

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Dedicated Air Transport


Hight Speed

Fastest transport for your shipment is air transport, we provide reliable air transport emergency supplies.


We work in a network of professionally trained and certified partners worldwide who care responsibly for every our request.

Low Prices

Air transport is the most expensive form of transport, but regular customers have contractual prices.

Специализирани сухопътни превози


We take care of your shipment to arrive by air from your chosen airport to a designated airport of your choice.

Door – door

We will take your shipment from the place designated by you and by air transport will deliver ti to your specified location, office or individual.

Door – Airport

Team Cargo MD ltd. will take your shipment from the address specified by you and will deliver it to you specified airport.

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Air Transport Worldwide!







TEAM CARGO MD ltd. has agents in every major port and industrial area of ​​the world, which allows us to respond most appropriately and flexibly to our customers’ requirements. High quality and efficiency in all modes of transport – road transport, sea transport, air transport, or combined transport, based on long-term contractual relationships with reliable carriers. Our service does not end with the arrival of the consignment at the port. On the contrary, we provide all additional services – from standard documents to marine insurance and delivery to the door. If your shipment needs road transport, you can trust the professionalism of our team and are confident in the success of your project!

Request Air Transport

To submit your Request for Air Transport, please press the button below after receiving the request for Air transport, we at Team Cargo MD ltd. will contact you.